Bond sector

A Bond For Life

The score for 'A Bond For Life'

A Bond For Life truly is a unique and spectacular project.

It tells the story of Benjamin Lind’s life. In particular how the James Bond phenomenon has influenced it.

I’m amazed how much love and effort Benjamin puts into it. The story itself is unique. On top of that he visits many of the originalĀ film locations and refines everything with numerous guest appearances.

I’m truly blessed and grateful to be a small part of this project. I already know: No matter what the future has up it’s sleeves for me, this project will always hold a very high rank in my life.

A Bond For Life

GoldenEye 20th anniversary: Soundtrack podcast

GoldenEye rescore podcast

Two years ago I started my project “GoldenEye: Decrypted” – I’ve re-scored the James Bond movie “GoldenEye”.

2015 we’re celebrating the 20th anniversary of GoldenEye all over the world.

Time for me to look back on my rescore project, provide you with some background intel, analyze the original score and ramble about my favorite James Bond movie.

You can contribute too – just use the hashtag #goldeneye20 whenever you post something related to that event.

Also make sure to visit the amazing GoldenEye dossier which also kindly allowed me to use the celebration picture

The GoldenEye Dossier

Nightfire: Source soundtrack

Tracks from the Nightfire: Source soundtrack

I’m very sad to announce that this project has been cancelled.
Due to the lack of developers that could be found for this mod, it has been declared dead until further notice…

Still the soundtrack album will be released.

GoldenEye: Source soundtrack

Tracks from the GoldenEye: Source soundtrack

As a kid from the 90’s of course I grew up playing my fingers to the bone with GoldenEye 64. I loved that game so much and of course the soundtrack was forever burnt into my memory.

But how did I become a part of that famous GoldenEye: Source team?

I was 16, I remember exactly. After a few years of composing music for myself, without actually releasing anything, I’ve completed my first track which sounded decent. Beside composing I also spent a lot of time recreating sounds from the GoldenEye composer Eric Serra. That first infamous track was crammed with these. So I’ve just sent it to the developer team and got my trial. I prevailed and could contribute many tracks for that great mod.

GoldenEye: Source

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