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Page updated

Finally I was able to update my page. And most importantly the contact form finally works! I’m looking forward to

7. September 2018
New ‘A Bond For Life’ Full Trailer released!

Dig my dear friend Benjamin Lind’s amazing trailer for his upcoming project: A Bond For Life Lots of love for this

3. October 2015
Current projects, releases and my new groooovy project

Here’s a new video for you 🙂

14. September 2015
Interview with the GoldenEye Dossier

In 2014 I was honored to be questioned by the GoldenEye dossier for an interview. You can read it here

24. August 2015
Videos, Albums, News and more

Discover it all on this new page.

23. August 2015
My new page is here

Finally I got an updated and shiny page. I hope you feel welcome. Feel free to get in touch for

23. August 2015
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