New Country EP

Country Reflections

Here’s my new Country EP called Country Reflections.

Many thanks to Pat Lyons, Speedy and Denise Stewart-Bates for helping me, bringing this recording to life.

Get it here.

The Janus Files - An Espionage Score

New James Bond Cover Album

Before our current game project “S.P.I.E.S.” we’ve worked on an unlicensed Bond fan game which got canned. We were not allowed to continue working on it. Still over five hours of music were written. The score was almost completed. I’ve decided to salvage the music and have it properly licensed in order to make it available for your to listen.

On the album you’ll find the whole soundtrack plus many bonus tracks and unused versions of level tracks. My intention was to create a score that heavily resembled the style and featured reiterations of sounds used by the GoldenEye film composer Eric Serra.

The music was licensed through soundrop and is available on all major electronic stores.

New Gospel single

Worries Be Gone

To wrap this, let’s say “special” year up, here’s another song I did.

Get the song here.

The end of GoldenEye 25 and new beginnings

Spies Don't Die - Our new game

After GoldenEye 25 got hit with a C&D we’re off to new grounds.
The goal of our new game “Spies Don’t Die” ist to create an original game which captures the feel of classic shooters. 

Stay up to date on our twitter feed.

New country single

Happy Healthy Marriage

You know how I roll? Some sarcasm, a dash of blues, country and gospel and there we go! I’m proud to present my new single “Happy Healthy Marriage”, which takes a closer look at couples trying to put on a brave face in public while falling apart on the inside.

Video made by Ricö.

Get it here.

Shut It Baby

New blues/gospel single

Sometimes some people just need to move along, don’t they? Or shall I say: Shut it, pack your things and get out of my sight?
Here’s my new singer/songwriter/gospel single “Shut It Baby”.

Soundtrack available on my album page.

Prix Walo nominated!

Will I get the "Swiss Oscar" for best film music?

The crazy journey continues… After wining two awards for my film music last year, this year already starts out with a major bang: I’m nominated for the Prix Walo, which sometimes is also referred to as the “Swiss Oscar”. The highest award in the Swiss showbusiness.
On May 10th, my 30th birthday, we’ll find out if the other two nominees or myself will take back home the prestigious award in the categorie of film music.

However this’ll turn out, it’s already a massive honor to be nominated.

Best Music Spielberg Edition Award

Award for my Lion's Return score

I’m so proud to announce that my soundtrack for “Lion’s Return”, an Overwatch cinematic short film by Think Big Studios, has earned it’s second award!
This time I’m very happy to receive it from the “Under The Stars International Film Festival 2019”.


Apollo 11

Tribute Score

Celebrating 50 years since the moon landing, I’ve made a tribute score!
Relive some of the key moments musically and let me take you on a trip to outer space.

You can find all the information about the album here.

Music Score Gold Award

Virgin Spring Cinefest Award for "Lion's Return"

I would’ve never thought this day would arrive but it did. I’m so incredibly proud to share the news with you, that I’ve received a gold award from the Virgin Spring Cinefest in India for the soundtrack for “Lion’s Return”.

You can watch the video again here!

New blues album

Let Me Put It This Way

Finally it is here! My new blues album “Let Me Put It This Way”.
It was inspired by one of my music heroes Randy Newman.
Some spicy lyrics and stories reflecting all aspects of life.
Accompanied by nothing but a grand piano and some hints of blues guitar and bass every now and then.

Lion's Return

Soundtrack for cinematic short

Lion’s Return is a live action Overwatch cinematic short film by Think Big Studios based on the original game characters of the Overwatch video game by Blizzard Entertainment.
It tells a fan’s interpretation of how Reinhardt was introduced into the current story world of the game. Reinhardt’s character map Eichenwalde is the setting of the events. The narrative pick up and incorporate elements, memes and scenes of the Overwatch story world and their characters.
I had the pleasure to score this film.

Get the soundtrack here.

John Glen Tribute Suite

Music from the Cineways Filmfestival

The Cineways Filmfestival in Braunschweig is now history.
An amazing event where John Glen also received two awards. To celebrate this, my dear friend Benjamin Lind made a few trailers which I scored.

The music used in those have been put together to a suite which is licensed and now available for download.

Radio Jingles

News Jingles made by GoldenZen!

I was given the task to compose new jingles for the news for our local radio station rro – radio rottu oberwallis. It was a great and challenging task.
You can see the result here.

GoldenZen Music in Greece

ANT1 Next commercials with some of my music!

This is one achievement I’m amazingly proud of.
I was given the chance to score two commercials for the Greek TV Station ANT1.
You can hear the tracks in the background.

It was a great pleasure working together with Miltos Pilalitos who was in charge of them and did an outstanding Job.

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