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Incident on GE-95

A tragic incident occured on the Julius-type freightship GE-95 on January 7th 2092.
Shortly after this, captain Alex Treslo recorded an audio log to explain what has happened on the ship as well as to the two crew members who lost their lives under mysterious circumstances.

Want to listen to the audio on your phone or mobile audio device?
Get the podcast here:

Soundtrack available on my album page.

The Batman vs. James Bond Show Interview


Talking about Bond and scores

Brian Thomas was kind enough to invite me to the Batman vs. James Bond Show. I had a lot of fun talking about Bond, scores, my work in the past and more! You can listen to it here.

John Glen Tribute Suite

Music from the Cineways Filmfestival

The Cineways Filmfestival in Braunschweig is now history.
An amazing event where John Glen also received two awards. To celebrate this, my dear friend Benjamin Lind made a few trailers which I scored.

The music used in those have been put together to a suite which is licensed and now available for download.

Radio Jingles

rro NEws

News Jingles made by GoldenZen!

I was given the task to compose new jingles for the news for our local radio station rro – radio rottu oberwallis. It was a great and challenging task.
You can see the result here.

Egyptian builders

GES Cover

New track for GoldenEye: Source

Listen to a new track I’ve created for the upcoming release of GoldenEye: Source.
This is possibly the most experimental and craziest track I’ve created for this mod so far. The title is also a nod to the late, great Roger Moore…

GoldenZen Music in Greece


ANT1 Next commercials with some of my music!

This is one achievement I’m amazingly proud of.
I was given the chance to score two commercials for the Greek TV Station ANT1.
You can hear the tracks in the background.

It was a great pleasure working together with Miltos Pilalitos who was in charge of them and did an outstanding Job.

Tomorrow Never Dies Tribute Suite


Now available for download!

2017 marks the 20th anniversary of one of my favorite Bond movies ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’. Here you can listen to a tribute suite I’ve made. It starts with the transition from GoldenEye to full on Tomorrow Never Dies.

The suite is licensed through soundrop and available via Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify and more…

New eighties EP released!


Neon Vice

I’m proud to present my new 80s themed album ‘Neon Vice’.

This album was made mainly with original 80’s equipment like a Juno and DX7 synthesizer.
Included are also some great friends like Alessandro Calabrese (bass), Speedy (bass, electric guitar) and Bob Magnuson (tenor saxophone). The album was mastered by Alessandro Calabrese at Fairbank Records.

Get it via iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and more…

Star Wars - Jedi Outcast rescore

Jedi Outcast Trailer

2017 Teaser

This year is not going to end without the announcement of my new rescore project for 2017.
Since my early childhood I’ve been a huge fan of Star Wars, John Williams music and I’ve always carried it in my heart.

In my probably most ambitious project ever tackled, I intend to compose an alternate score for the 2002 hit game ‘Jedi Outcast’. A game I love and still cherish today.
Since this story is set in the expanded universe, I want to create a score with new themes for the characters and after carefully studying John Williams music make the experience as close as possible to this mans genius creations with my humble means.

May the force be with us.

I Only Need One wins!


Best fan film

Excellent news!
007: I Only Need One, which I was fortunate to score, has won best fan film at the urban cction showcase in New York City!
I’m very overwhelmed and proud of all involved.

No One Lives Forever rescore


The funky rescore is here!

No One Lives Forever – the smashing game from 2000 is back!
I’ve always loved it and played it many times. It was always in the back of my head to put together all the cutscenes and rescore the movie which comes out of that. This is the soundtrack from the movie.

Get it via loudr, iTunes, spotify or more internet music stores!

GoldenEye: Source 5.0


Thank you for all the love!

It’s been less than a week since the release of GoldenEye: Source 5.0
What I’ve seen happening since then is absolutely out of this world.

Our Trailer has reached over 1 million views!!!!

I’ve read many of your comments, I’ve watched many of your gameplay videos and I’m still on a high seeing all you freaking out, enjoying our hard work and sharing so much love for our baby, I’m almost moved to tears.
You can listen to the tracks on my GoldenEye: Source playlist

Let’s keep this flame burning. Thank you ever so much!

For Your Eyes Only Tribute Suite

FYEO Synth

35 years of Bonding in Cortina

At the beginning of July, the Swiss and German James Bond Clubs have joined forces to organise ‘For Your Eyes Only – 35 years of Bonding in Cortina’, a celebration of the 12th James Bond film with guest stars.
This suite was composed for the event based on the material of original composer Bill Conti.

007: I Only Need One

Let me introduce myself

James Bond fan film soundtrack

The ANP Stunt Association will soon present to you an action-packed spy short inspired by the final battle in the classic film ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’.

I was lucky to score this amazing little project. Here’s the soundtrack only to get you excited!

Get the soundtrack here.

A Bond For Life

BFL Poster

Extended Soundtrack preview

This is a soundtrack preview from Benjamin Lind’s documentary ‘A Bond For Life – How James Bond changed my life’.

This project is in support of UNICEF and shows the impact Bond had on his life. Starring many known Bond VIP’s and fans all around the world. Also the movie shows some of the finest locations known from the movies.

Get the soundtrack via

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