All 80’s synth Bond score?

So I was asking myself, what an all 80’s synth Bond score could’ve sounded like. Maybe something like this… This

25. February 2018
KN-FM: GTA Vice City radio station

Ever since I’ve first played GTA Vice City I wanted to create an own radio station with a crazy, over

3. February 2018
Cover Breit
Incident on GE-95

A tragic incident occured on the Julius-type freightship GE-95 on January 7th 2092. Shortly after this, captain Alex Treslo recorded

13. December 2017
Cover Breit
Incident on GE-95: Project announcement

Currently I’m working on a project that I’ve wanted to do for years. I call it an audio adventure which

27. November 2017
Cineways Tribute Logo
Cineways Filmfestival: John Glen Tribute Suite + Some stories

The Cineways Filmfestival in Braunschweig is now history. An amazing event where John Glen also received two awards. To celebrate

18. September 2017
Cineways Festivaltrailer 2017

Check out the trailer I’ve scored for the Cineways Filmfestival 2017 in Braunschweig, Germany. I’m also very proud to have

29. July 2017
GES Cover
GoldenEye: Source – Egyptian builders

Listen to a new track I’ve created for the upcoming release of GoldenEye: Source. This is possibly the most experimental

25. May 2017
GoldenZen music in Greek TV commercials

This is one achievement I’m amazingly proud of. I was given the chance to score two commercials for the Greek

20. April 2017
TND Tribute Art 01
Tomorrow Never Dies Tribute Suite – Now available!

2017 marks the 20th anniversary of one of my favorite Bond movies ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’. Here you can listen to

16. April 2017
Neon Vice: New 80’s album – Preview

I’m proud to present my new 80s themed album ‘Neon Vice’. This album was made mainly with original 80’s equipment

23. January 2017
Jedi Outcast Trailer
Star Wars – Jedi Outcast rescore – 2017 Teaser

This year is not going to end without the announcement of my new rescore project for 2017. Since my early

29. December 2016
New segment: Scoring+ – Treason – by Chris Stone

I’d like to introduce you to a new segment on this channel called ‘Scoring+’. A segment where you can see

13. November 2016
No One Lives Forever: The funky rescore supercut

No One Lives Forever – the smashing game from 2000 is back! Here you can have a thorough listen to

31. October 2016
No One Lives Forever rescore – Part 15 – THE FINALE!

No One Lives Forever – the smashing game from 2000 is back! I’ve always loved it and played it many

9. October 2016
Like our favorite spy – Bond inspired spy tune

This tune was written for the Bond Bulletin run by Benjaming Lind. I was asked to write something reminding of

2. October 2016
Angel Maker – Showreel scene by Chris Stone (with isolated score)

Another showreel scene by my amazingly talented film maker friend Chris Stone (we also do Year Of Spies together). Also

25. September 2016
Studio tour

I invite you to have a look in my studio.

6. August 2016
No One Lives Forever rescore – Part 9

No One Lives Forever – the smashing game from 2000 is back! I’ve always loved it and played it many

14. July 2016
FYEO Synth
For Your Eyes Only Tribute Suite

At the beginning of July, the Swiss and German James Bond Clubs have joined forces to organise ‘For Your Eyes

3. July 2016
Piz Gloria Suite

The Piz Gloria was made famous by the James Bond movie ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’, released in 1963, as

23. June 2016
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