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Finally it is here! My new blues album “Let Me Put It This Way”. It was inspired by one of

3. September 2018
Incident on GE-95: Project announcement

Currently I’m working on a project that I’ve wanted to do for years. I call it an audio adventure which

27. November 2017
Neon Vice: New 80’s album – Preview

I’m proud to present my new 80s themed album ‘Neon Vice’. This album was made mainly with original 80’s equipment

23. January 2017
Nightfire: Source cancelled – Album preview compilation

I’m very sad to hear that the mod ‘Nightfire: Source’ is cancelled as I was the composer for this project.

16. November 2015
The Spy Who Loved Me Rescore: Atlantis Resurfaced supercut

Almost a year ago I’ve released my rescore of ‘The Spy Who Loved me’. The album’s called: ‘The Spy Who

23. August 2015
Never Say Never Again Rescore: Warhead relaunched supercut

A while ago I’ve released my rescore of ‘Never Say Never Again’. The album’s called: ‘Never Say Never Again: Warhead

23. August 2015
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