Yannick Zenhäusern – I Push It Down – Official Music Video

I present to you my new single “I Push It Down”. Featuring vocals by Simone Miller and guitars by Ryan

21. March 2021
Yannick Zenhäusern – Worries Be Gone – Official Music Video

To wrap this, let’s say “special” year up, here’s another song I did. Video made by Ricö.

19. December 2020
Shut It Baby

Sometimes some people just need to move along, don’t they? Or shall I say: Shut it, pack your things and

16. April 2020
Apollo 11 Tribute Score Promo

Celebrating 50 years since the moon landing, I’ve made a tribute score! Relive some of the key moments musically and

13. July 2019
Overwatch Lion’s Return Soundtrack

Lion’s Return is a live action Overwatch cinematic short film by Think Big Studios based on the original game characters

12. December 2018
Page updated

Finally I was able to update my page. And most importantly the contact form finally works! I’m looking forward to

7. September 2018

Finally it is here! My new blues album “Let Me Put It This Way”. It was inspired by one of

3. September 2018
All 80’s synth Bond score?

So I was asking myself, what an all 80’s synth Bond score could’ve sounded like. Maybe something like this… This

25. February 2018
KN-FM: GTA Vice City radio station

Ever since I’ve first played GTA Vice City I wanted to create an own radio station with a crazy, over

3. February 2018
Incident on GE-95

A tragic incident occured on the Julius-type freightship GE-95 on January 7th 2092. Shortly after this, captain Alex Treslo recorded

13. December 2017
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