Yannick 'GoldenZen' Zenhäusern - let me introduce myself

Interested in music since my early childhood. Diligent in that sector since then – Build up contacts, experiences and technology.
First big music/sound project: GoldenEye: Source.
Many more Bond-related projects have been completed and I’ve scored some movies.

– Under The Stars International Film Festival, Best Music Spielberg Edition for “Lion’s Return” (2019)
– Virgin Spring Cinefest, Gold Award Best Music Score for “Lion’s Return” (2018)

Some projects I’ve worked on:
– Lion’s Return Overwatch cinematic short – OST
– Cineways Festival Braunschweig Trailers – OST
– Tomorrow Never Dies Tribute Suite – OST
– ANT1 Greece Next Commercials – Music
– Weather Radio Rottu Oberwallis – Jingles + Audio Layouts
– For Your Eyes Only Suite – OST, Bonding in Cortina Event
– Piz Gloria Suite – Suite for Schilthorn Cableway Ltd
– Riv3r Enduro Crossing, Veria, Greece – OST
– GoldenEye: Source – OST
– Nightfire: Source – OST
– Stalker L.U.R.K. mod – OST
– Toys’r’us Star Wars Commercial – OST
– James Bond: GoldenEye – rescore
– James Bond: NSNA – rescore
– Spy lounge – 60’s album
– Year of spies – OST
– A Bond for life – OST
– Schilthorn tribute video – OST
– Bond girls are forever Oslo – OST
– Holly Jolly Good Ol’ Christmas – Blues Album
– Showreels and short films by Chris Stone – OST
– 007: I Only Need One – OST
– Bundesamt für magische Wesen – Trailer music
– Max Planck Institute – Various video music

Albums/Singles released:
– GoldenEye: Decrypted
– Status: 00
– Spy Lounge
– NSNA: Warhead relaunched
– TSWLM: Atlantis Resurfaced
– TMWGG: Tribute Suite
– Bond Girls Are Forever
– Bond 78
– Holly Jolly Good Ol’ Christmas
– A Bond For Life: Extended Soundtrack
– 007: I Only Need One Soundtrack
– Piz Gloria Suite
– For Your Eyes Only Suite
– Stay on the move
– Tomorrow Never Dies Tribute Suite
– Let Me Put It This Way
– Overwatch Lion’s Return Soundtrack
– Apollo 11 Tribute Score

Starting early

As you see, my first encounter with that big wooden box was very early. My first love was the blues and rock’n’roll. That being said, I was always interested in all kinds of music.

A few years later in my studio

I’ve been composing film and game music for over 13 years now. My priority always is to deliver the best and most authentic music you can get.

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