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Apollo 11 Tribute Score Promo

Celebrating 50 years since the moon landing, I’ve made a tribute score! Relive some of the key moments musically and

13. July 2019
Overwatch Lion’s Return Soundtrack

Lion’s Return is a live action Overwatch cinematic short film by Think Big Studios based on the original game characters

12. December 2018

Finally it is here! My new blues album “Let Me Put It This Way”. It was inspired by one of

3. September 2018
Incident on GE-95: Project announcement

Currently I’m working on a project that I’ve wanted to do for years. I call it an audio adventure which

27. November 2017
Neon Vice: New 80’s album – Preview

I’m proud to present my new 80s themed album ‘Neon Vice’. This album was made mainly with original 80’s equipment

23. January 2017
Nightfire: Source cancelled – Album preview compilation

I’m very sad to hear that the mod ‘Nightfire: Source’ is cancelled as I was the composer for this project.

16. November 2015
The Spy Who Loved Me Rescore: Atlantis Resurfaced supercut

Almost a year ago I’ve released my rescore of ‘The Spy Who Loved me’. The album’s called: ‘The Spy Who

23. August 2015
Never Say Never Again Rescore: Warhead relaunched supercut

A while ago I’ve released my rescore of ‘Never Say Never Again’. The album’s called: ‘Never Say Never Again: Warhead

23. August 2015
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